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The foundation of SVdP


Volunteers are the lifeblood of St. Vincent de Paul. It is the foundation upon which our Society is built. It allows friends to make new friends in our community by providing a caring service helping others overcome emergent daily challenges and become self-sustainable.


If your group or organization is interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact our Executive Director, Rick Merfeld, at or 563.582.3733.


Making home visits is a powerful and enriching experience.  After a neighbor-in-need leaves a message at the Voucher Line (563.584.2226), a team of volunteers set up a meeting inside the home of the person requesting assistance.  By welcoming volunteers into their home, there is a higher degree of openness and willingness to engage the relationship. The neighbor tells their story against the backdrop of their personal space, home environment, and neighborhood. Their story is heard and respected; no judgements made.


This in-home meeting also offers our volunteers a more complete understanding of the neighbor’s situation and helps in our assessment about how we can best help them. Neighbors are often unaware of the wide-ranging resources we have access to.  St. Vincent de Paul is not limited to the types of assistance we can provide as are other providers. 

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, contact Executive Director, Rick Merfeld, at or 563.582.3733.


When: Store hours, Monday through Saturday
Where: SVdP Thrift Store, 4990 Radford Ct. Dubuque, Iowa, 52002
Contact: Executive Director, Rick Merfeld, at or 563.582.3733.



  1. Backroom operations: receive and organize donations; hang and price items.

  2. Sales floor: clean and stock shelves and displays.

  3. Grounds: general maintenance.

  4. Other duties based on skills and passion: major and small appliance and electronic donation testing/minor repair, light furniture repair, carpentry, other skills as needed.


When: During Voucher Center hours
Where: SVdP Voucher Center, 1351 Iowa St. Dubuque, Iowa, 52001
Contact: Executive Director, Rick Merfeld, at or 563.582.3733.  



  1. Set up before and clean up following food pantry.

  2. Meet, greet, and provide direction and information to neighbors-in-need

  3. Carry out food selections and load them into vehicles.

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